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Elastic Protocol for Olympus and OHMies

For Olympus DAO and the OHMies, Elastic Protocol is unique because it is a native yield strategy protocol utilizing OHM and is focused on exploring a range of opportunities present in Olympus’ growing econOHMy. OHM will play the following roles in the Elastic Protocol:

  1. Additional Rewards Token: OHM is a core rewards token of the protocol which allows it to be a unit of account for users and the main diversification tool for most of our strategies.
  2. Native OHM Strategies: Elastic Protocol will have direct OHM deposit strategies where individuals can earn yield and additional OHM rewards

Participating in Olympus' Real Yield Economic Ecosystem

Recently, the Olympus DAO released version 3 of the Olympus Protocol, which incentivizes OHM ecosystem participants to actively engage with/manage the reserve asset.

A benefit of the partnership between Olympus DAO and the Elastic Finance DAO, is the tight integration of the Elastic Protocol's core vault with the growing Olympus ecosystem. This will enable users to passively use various OHM-focused applications as they are developed.

See the table below for a listing of future potential Elastic Protocol-Olympus integrations (additional strategies will be added as they are developed and launched).

Olympus Ecosystem OfferingParticipation Strategy
Olympus BondsIntegration: Elastic Protocol users will be able to use their OHM rewards to automatically purchase bonds.

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