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Why Utilize AMPL and OHM?

Why is AMPL a Core Elastic Protocol Asset?

  • Original and Most Secure Rebasing Asset: AMPL has been in operation as the original rebasing token for four years, successfully weathering numerous market cycles and events
  • Prominent Supporters: Key supporters include the CEO of CoinBase Brian Armstrong who is the biggest original investor in the project and recently spoke on the need for flatcoins, such as what the Ampleforth team is working on.
  • Flatcoin Narrative: AmpleForth is the leader in the growing Flatcoin narrative; these assets may be incorporated into Coinbase's layer 2, BASE
  • SPOT: a premiere flatcoin backed solely by $AMPL which is their answer to the failures of $LUNA-$UST; there is also potential for future Elastic Protocol strategies to include SPOT

Why is OHM Utilized in the Protocol?

  • Liquidity: Robust asset liquidity across key pairs
  • Opportunity: Growing EconOHMy that includes several native yield opportunities that can be utilized in the future
  • Partners: Growing number of partnerships which can benefit the Elastic Protocol
  • Decentralization: Highly (and increasingly) decentralized alternative option to centralized stablecoins and flatcoins