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Protocol Contracts and Key Addresses

How can I find the Elastic Protocol contracts?

Key Elastic Protocol smart contracts will be listed below as they are deployed.

Contracts can also be accessed via our Github.

Elastic Vault Audit: Link - (Audit has links to full list of contracts used to operate the Elastic Vault, staking and rewards distribution.)

Protocol Addresses, Relevant Tokens and Contracts

  • Gnosis Safe (DAO Treasury): 0xf950a86013bAA227009771181a885E369e158da3
  • Elastic Finance Token (EEFI): 0x857FfC55B1Aa61A7fF847C82072790cAE73cd883
  • Ampleforth (AMPL): 0xD46bA6D942050d489DBd938a2C909A5d5039A161
  • Olympus (OHM): 0x64aa3364F17a4D01c6f1751Fd97C2BD3D7e7f1D5
  • Vesting Executor: 0xcaf5b5D268032a41cAF34d9280A1857E3394Ba47