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Who is the Elastic Protocol For?

The Elastic Protocol has something for everyone. Below is an overview of the key demographics we are seeking to attract to the Elastic Protocol community.

Crypto Natives | Crypto Investors | Degens: These individuals are a key area of focus for us, as they can be staunch supporters and early evangelists for the protocol. These are highly engaged community members who will evangelize the protocol and participate in liquidity bootstrapping events and other foundational activities. We believe individuals in this group will help the protocol initially start acquiring permanent growth assets for operations, including AMPL, that will fuel its growth and invite the type of social coordination that leads to further awareness and mainstream adoption.

OG Rebasers These are individuals who lived through, participated and experienced DeFi summer 2020 and understand the pivotal role rebase protocols played in its evolution. They also understand how these events led to the initial and continued success of Olympus DAO. They will be among the earliest adopters of our core Elastic Vault and sub-vaults. Rebasers' engagement will fuel social coordination around and drive awareness of the protocol.

Multi-chain Traders and Arbitrageurs: These individuals may care most about benefiting from crypto market dynamics. And, they may be focused on participating in arbitrage and market opportunities (such as acquiring assets like EEFI, OHM), that arise from the protocol's operations. Given this, individuals in this demographic may play an important role in the the utilization and growth of the Elastic Protocol.

Olympus DAO | OHMies: Because OHM plays a central role in the Elastic Protocol's core vault strategy, we are hopeful that OHMies will become some of our staunchest and earliest community supporters. There is natural synergy for OHMies as OHM is the core rewards token for Elastic Protocol and is earned by everyone who uses the core protocol vault and other initial flagship strategies. We hope OHMies will actively provide OHM/EEFI liquidity, deposit assets into the core Elastic Vault, and will help to drive protocol utilization as we launch sub-vaults that exist cross-chain.

These demographics cover many key crypto audiences. We believe each will play a role in initiating the hyper social coordination aspects of our initial vaults, which will help the Elastic Protocol scale to broad adoption and visibility.