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EEFI/OHM Liquidity

Why is EEFI/OHM liquidity important?

In order to function properly during positive AMPL rebases, the Elastic Vault will require sufficient EEFI/OHM liquidity, given that EEFI is purchased and burned during positive rebases (using surplus AMPL generated by the positive rebase).

To facilitate liquidity provision, the EEFI/OHM Uniswap pool will be set up to require:

  • 50% of EEFI
  • 50% of OHM

Adding OHM to the liquidity pool will be important because this allows for smooth trading between EEFI and OHM, both for the Elastic Vault and the market.

Details about how to provide EEFI/OHM liquidity (and earn OHM and EEFI rewards) will be provided once the core Elastic Protocol vault launches.

The Elastic Protocol will also bootstrap EEFI/OHM liquidity (details here).